Explaining the issue of Trade in plain language

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

A major topic of discussion on this blog is the issue of free trade.  I’ve been focused on cutting through its technicalities, as well as through the highly charged political rhetoric that surrounds it, in order to convey the meaningful essence of what free trade is all about and how it affects the lives of ordinary people everywhere.  Judging by the responses, my posts on the subject have been reasonably successful towards that goal.

But, the following explanation by Dave Johnson of the Campaign for America’s Future is much better.  He encapsulates the complex issue of free trade in simple, easy to understand language.  For those who need help putting it in perspective, or for those who still have questions about the pros and cons of free trade, this is must reading.  Here are a few excerpts, from What’s The Problem With “Free Trade”:

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