Think For Yourself

A combination of work and rest
Keeps your head in a total mess
Just like we’re all supposed to be
A part of this sick society
Where they give you a rest three weeks a year
To fill yourself with drugs and beer
The rest of the time it’s time for work
The junky turns into a jerk

The government don’t really give a toss
Unemployment isn’t such a loss
Keep the dole proles on the poverty line
Or stick ’em in the army to kill the time
The majority of people are treated like shit
Only the minority realise it
Conformist doctrine, ethical lies
Have you ever seen anyone slowly die?

There’s so much crap you can reject
By giving yourself some self-respect
Don’t believe what you’re told is true
Find out for yourself there’s only you
Take to pieces your inbred thoughts
Examine the morals you’ve been taught
Don’t believe it, it’s all a con -Everything you think is wrong!

Don’t believe it!

But don’t take my word for it!

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Subhumans (UK)
From The Album: Worlds Apart.