The Right-Minded View: Theresa May’s Resignation

A New Place Of Exile

And so it came to pass.

Arguably the most competent British Prime Minister to hold office, since her predecessor resigned, has now stepped down.

Theresa May was all things to all people. Not merely proclaiming that poverty is bad, but continuously voting to increase it, as well. Thereby covering both bases.

And while the Chancellor of the Exchequer may have said one thing – as her Ministers said the opposite; May could be relied upon to say exactly the same as both.

Of course, that strength and stability of leadership met its truest test in the General Election of 2017.

May’s many admirers in the press – some fresh from being a guest of Her Majesty’s Government themselves – lauded her as a safe pair of hands, who was parking her tanks on the Labour Party’s lawn.

And consequently destined for triumph.

A 74…

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