Theresa May as Prime Minister: Achievements and failures

An Honest Curriculum Vitae


Theresa May will resign on 7th June.  Below are her main achievements and her biggest failures during her tenure as prime minister.


  • Enriched herself and her husband via brokerage of arms deals for arms manufacturers with whom her husband has considerable share-holdings
  • Enriched herself and her husband via wealth generation for customers of Capital Group for whom her husband works and receives a substantial salary


  • Rapid decline of NHS due to handover of services to privateer vultures and to departure of medical staff as a consequence of Brexit
  • Rise in unsolved crime due to huge cuts to police budgets and numbers of officers
  • Decline of state education due to budget cuts and theft of public funding by academy and free school “owners”
  • Collapse of privatised probation system
  • Decline in prison management due to privatisation and concomitant theft of public funding by “employers” of prison staff
  • Museum-level rail system…

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