I heard the notes all fade away
Leaving their memorial stones
Yesterday’s thoughts have come to stay…..
Until they decompose 

A picture paints a thousand words
With nothing much to say
What last night seemed had to be heard
Is left unsaid today 

So when you said you understood
I couldn’t understand
I was looking at an empty beach
As you saw the grains of sand 

I was counting views from windows
When you looked in from outside
The light was blurred and distant
And several cities wide 

So I turn up the volume
To hear the notes so dim
You said you couldn’t hear it
So I asked you to come in
Then you held up a mirror
I saw my face congeal
I was thin and getting thinner
And I dreamt it was for real

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Citizen Fish, from the album “Free Souls In A Trapped Environment”