Sunday Topics: Trump subpoena deal, Labor Sec. to face victims, and white supremacist refuge in the NW

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

Parliamentary elections in the European Union are ending today and we’ll get the results by tomorrow.  Far-right populists are expected to make some gains but not enough to shift the balance of power according to most political analysts.  After last week’s court ruling against Donald Trump’s moves to keep his financial records concealed, the president has agreed to allow the courts to resolve this issue quickly in exchange for House Democrats suspending their subpoena enforcement plans.  Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta may have to face some of the victims of a sex trafficking operation (which exploited underage girls) in federal court if the judge approves their request.  Acosta, who was then a federal prosecutor in Florida, granted perpetrator Jeffrey Epstein a secret immunity deal in 2007 which is now under federal investigation.  In the Pacific Northwest, a white supremacist refuge east of the Cascade Range has…

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