Why The European Parliamentary Elections Prove Something Or Another – And What To Do About It.

A New Place Of Exile

If one forms judgments via evidence, and the application of logic, then Brexit can be said to have played no straightforward part in the contradictory outcomes of recent elections.

However, numerous commentators, pundits, and professional analysts – all primed for this sort of thing – suggest otherwise.

Not only do these people hold Britain’s most important opinions – but their track-record of getting the big calls correct is simply imperious.

So, we have demonstrable reality on the one hand – and media output on the other. I think we can come down strongly in favour of the latter on this issue.

With that matter resolved, all that remains is the simple question of how to do something or another about it.

Therefore, let us take 48% (the number that voted against leaving the EU), and add 52% (the percentage which favoured departure). Times it by 3 (one wishes to…

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