Alastair Campbell ejected from Labour


Former adviser to Tony Blair Alastair Campbell was finally ejected from Labour today.

Campbell’s most notable contribution to life on earth was to concoct a false report on the military capabilities of the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein; Campbell’s invention led directly to hundreds of thousands of deaths and the destruction of Iraq.

Campbell’s immediate response to his ejection was typical of his character: Petulant, haughty and full of distractions and false equivalences. 

All italicised text below are exact quotes from Campbell today.

Sad and disappointed to receive email expelling me from Labour – particularly on a day leadership finally seems to be moving to the right place on Brexit, not least thanks to tactical voting by party members, including MPs, councillors and peers who back a People’s Vote.”

Labour voters can switch to voting for another party but Labour members are required, in order to remain members, to…

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