Hot-takes condensed: the European Parliamentary elections.

A New Place Of Exile

1. The great anti-Brexit backlash of 3rd May 2019, has been followed by the great pro-Brexit backlash of 26th May 2019. Sending a clear message, to both main parties.

2. One Pro-Brexit party may very well have gained more MEPs than the all of the anti-Brexit parties combined; but this only demonstrates how much the public now opposes Brexit.

3. The Conservatives’ ineptitude, inner-turmoil, Parliamentary defeats – and heavy local electoral losses – all reflect very badly on the Labour Party.

4. Ukip voters have switched almost entirely to the Brexit Party. This changes everything; even though nothing material has altered.

5. Jeremy Corbyn would do well to heed the advice coming from people who oppose him, undermine him at every opportunity, and have judged nothing correctly in recent years.

6. Politics journalists have the very keenest understanding of matters – as proven by the fact that, after all the…

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