Straightline Thinking

We are all controlled by reinforcement of rules
Passed by those who are merely the tools of a system
Where achievement is based on deceit of the masses
By someone in whom they believe

We are all controlled by the straight-line thinking of straight-line thinkers
Who gave up drinking and smoking as sins….
To avoid being lower
Than their aspirations would allow them to go

We are all controlled by fear of the unknown
Because we’re not told all that there is to know
About things we consider as normal existence
So we accept exploitation and show no resistance

We are all controlled in our thoughts and actions
By things we were told by past generations
Of parents who used to rebel just the same as we do now so who gets the blame?

We are the rebels like the rebels before us
Pre-destined to scream in an out of tune chorus
Of voices repeating the words of the past
That diffuse in the process of ageing too fast

Deep in the soul if there is one
It tells you to do as you feel
Not as someone outside you dictates through their own misguided conception
Of what part you must play
In this game of deception

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Subhumans
From the album;
Worlds Apart