No no it’s not how old you are
Not the blushing brides and the propped up bar
After the bells have rung
And the next perspective has begun

Not the corner of some foreign field
Not the name engraved on stainless steel
Not the thank you note for inventing the wheel
But an innocence dressed in knowing too much
Never scared to theorise but half scared to touch
But rejecting the world that made it such

Oh to be as youthful as I am
Oh to be as manic as you are
Oh to be as worried in our happiness
But never will we be so near
Yet look so far
Be so near
Yet look so far
Yet look so far

Beyond the social attitudes
That narrow the path and distort the view
Complacency defies energy
And the other way round

We grow as fast as time is slow
We grow as fast as time is slow
We grow as fast as time is slow
Enough to keep our head to the ground
For youthfulness is a louder sound
Than age – that turning of the page – can make
A forced resemblance of getting old
Left the majority feeling cold
Forgot that energy never gets old
We grow with what we’ll always know
And feel the sense of experience
Experience – Youth, youth
Experience – Youth, youth
Experience – Youth

Lyrics; Dick Lucas
Music; Citizen Fish
From the album; Free Souls In A Trapped Environment