Tom Watson is the epitome of ‘moral manoeuvrability’

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by Martin Odoni

Just offering my ha’penny’s-worth on the BBC Panorama on-screen sewerage-fest from Wednesday. I am not going to offer a comprehensive breakdown of what was wrong with the ‘documentary’, as there were only two things wrong with it; everything that was said, and everything that was done. These pictures will offer a few hints about some of the problems though; –

Asa WinstanleyAsa Winstanley about BBC Panorama

Alex Richardson, regular messenger between LFI and the Israeli EmbassyAlex Richardson of Labour Friends of Israel (afiliation unmentioned in the programme.)

Ella RoseElla Rose of the Israeli Embassy (afiliation unmentioned in programme.)

If you want a comprehensive breakdown, please see here, herehere and here.

For me, my main focus is a small point about the Deputy leader of the Labour Party, and most powerful weapon the Conservative Party has left in its arsenal, Tom Watson.

Tom Watson revealedAh, this explains so much….

Sorry, wrong picture there. Lex Luthor cannot be…

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