NHS Long Term Plan gives a big shove to revolving door between global companies and NHS quangos

Calderdale and Kirklees 999 Call for the NHS

This is a long read (approx 2.7K words). It outlines:

  • How corporate interests are now enmeshed in the NHS, through new business alliances aimed at ‘capturing value from the human body as data platform’. That’s right, our bodies are now sources of data that global companies can’t wait to get their hands on.
  • How the new 10 year NHS Long Term Plan is crucial to these business alliances. And it has given a big shove to the revolving door between NHS quangos and big digital technology companies.
  • How this will radically alter the kind of healthcare the NHS provides: the computer will see you now.

Corporate interests are now enmeshed in the NHS, through institutionalised new business alliances that aim to transform medicine and healthcare by opening up opportunities for digital and Life Sciences industries

This transformation of medicine and healthcare is based on what Ernst and Young (one of…

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