Independent MPs might stymie a vote of no confidence in the Tory government


Former Tory/Lib Dem coalition minister and current Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson refused to work with Jeremy Corbyn on preventing no deal Brexit.  Her reluctance to act against a calamitous cliff-fall Brexit was a consequence of her party’s opposition to Corbyn being Prime Minister, both temporarily and after a general election.

There exist others who share Lib Dems’ priority of stopping a successful vote of no confidence and consequential removal of the Tories as a means of stopping Corbyn even if the result of stymying the no confidence vote would be no deal Brexit.  These obstacles are some (not all) of the independent MPs.

Different types of independent MPs
There is one genuine independent MP who was elected as an independent MP – Sylvia Hermon.  Hermon supports remaining in the EU but is reluctant to support any vote that would elect Corbyn as leader of a temporary government.  

There are…

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