Humankind’s winning percentage on climate, plus other news to close out this week

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

Of the 195 nations which signed the Paris Climate Agreement in 2016, only 7 are keeping their greenhouse gas emissions under the 2° Celsius warming threshold to avoid catastrophic climate change and only 2 are complying with the accord’s optimal 1.5° Celsius target.  Those seven countries are (in descending order of achievement) Gambia, Morocco, Philippines, India, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Bhutan.  From a statistical point of view, that’s a success percentage of .0359 (rounded up to 3.6%).  For comparison, a winning percentage under .500 (50%) is seen as losing in organized team sports, under .250 (25%) is downright embarrassing, and consistently being under .100 (10%) would likely get the team owner or even the franchise kicked out of the league.  So, what does humankind’s dismal winning percentage on climate mean for modern civilization and perhaps for our species?

In the early years of the NFL’s Monday…

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