Only A Phase

“I’d rather stay a child and keep my self-respect, if being an adult means turning out like that guy-ugh!”(Jello Biafra)

Only a Phase

Are you growing up
Or giving up
You might be older
But that’s not enough
Does your age regulate
What’s right or wrong
You can’t relate
Maybe all along

Have you grown up
Or given up
It really doesn’t matter…
‘Cause you don’t give a fuck
You haven’t lost your convictions
There were never any there
Now you’re part of the problem
And you don’t care

When you were younger
You spoke a little too loud
You talked about things
You knew nothing about
Now it’s all come home
And you’ve lost your spine
There are no facts
When you’re living a lie

You’re forty-five
You’re already dead
You never believed
A word that you said
You reminisce about the good old days
And tell yourself
It was only a phase

By denying the facts
You’re denying the truth
Self respect
A luxury of youth
Believe what you want
And try not to hate
What you don’t understand
And the time that you waste

So close your eyes
And then go to sleep
And try to forget
What you didn’t keep
And tell yourself
That apathy pays
And that the truth
Was only a phase

#GreatMusic -(Spermbirds)