Boris Johnson is a melt

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The Conservative Party is embroiled in a pretty vicious row with Channel 4 over the broadcaster’s decision to “empty chair” Boris Johnson during its election debate on climate change last night, after he failed to turn up. 

Michael Gove offered to take his place, turning up at the studio with the gutless wonder’s father, Stanley Johnson, but the broadcaster said the invitation was for leaders only. Johnson senior was apparently in the ‘spin room’ during the debate with the other party leaders. But he couldn’t make this go away.

The Tories wrote to Ofcom, saying that placing an ice sculpture on the PM’s podium was a “provocative partisan stunt”. The increasingly paranoid Tories have implied that Channel 4 conspired with and “did a deal” with Jeremy Corbyn. However, it was Johnson’s decision to avoid the debate and duck scrutiny. 

The Labour party has also accused Johnson of “hiding from scrutiny”…

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