George Osborne publishes and promotes anti-Semitic cartoon. Deathly silence from BoD and the media

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by Martin Odoni

(Having a busy day, am I not?)

Recalling the ridiculous, and obviously-orchestrated media ker-fuffle from two years ago about a mural that had long-since been painted over, because it was a (very tenuous) pretext to condemn Jeremy Corbyn; –

Why is no one on the Board of Jewish Deputies, or the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, or anyone in the mainstream media, blowing their tops about this cartoon that has been published in the Evening Standard?

Miliband hook-nosed Jew cartoonThe Brick Lane Mural is anti-Semitic, but this hook-nosed portrayal of Ed Miliband is not?

If anyone wants to try the old “Not-necessarily-endorsed-by-the-newspaper” excuse, let me assure you, George ‘Gidiot’ Osborne has been promoting the image with almost drooling enthusiasm; –

Miliband hooked nose cartoon promoted by GidiotIf you really believe that the Brick Lane Mural was anti-Semitic, how can this be anything else?

Now, the pretext for claiming that the mural was…

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