Auschwitz – my visit in pictures

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by Martin Odoni

I have never needed the slightest convincing that the Nazi Holocaust really happened. This is certainly no mere matter of ‘faith’, it was one of the most gruesome realities of the Twentieth Century. The demographic evidence alone is overwhelming; by the Nazis’ own calculations, made at the notorious Wansee Conference in 1942 where the fateful command for the ‘Final Solution’ was ratified, the Jewish population of Europe was over eleven million. By 1946, investigations found that there were only between three and four million Jews left in Europe, the vast majority of them in the Soviet Union. That many people do not just ‘disappear’, nor do they flee to other countries without anyone noticing. Horrible though it is, the only explanation that fits the facts is extermination.

So when I visited the notorious extermination-camp-turned-Holocaust-museum at Oświęcim (Germanicism: “Auschwitz“) in Poland, two years ago this…

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