Washed-up former part-time itinerant actor and Harrovian flotsam Lawrence Fox realised eventually that his shambling career as a thespian provided insufficient unjustified income and he sought a new career as a incoherent ranting far-right turd-projector funded by seedy, secretive, wealthy donors who are always thrilled to employ another gormless bell-end that is psychologically opposed to intelligence, knowledge, logic, morality, integrity and didactic reasoning.

LawrenceFoxQTWhite privileged male Lawrence Fox on BBC’s Question Time

A member of the same tinydick club as fellow petulant misogynistic contrarians Jordan Peterson and Michael Daubney, Fox, aged forty-two but with the appearance of an embittered dissatisfied impotent sixty-year-old, grabbed a few slots on TV, including a wholly underserved seat on BBC’s Question Time panel, showed his limp Billy Idol-style sneer at a variety of thick-as-mince right-wing events, and announced the invention of a new political party pronounced Wreck Lame but written Reclaim.

Reclaim may or may…

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