To err is human. Thankfully.

Conspiracy of Kindness

Image: Your story isn’t calm – Victoria Erickson.

Three years ago, after a hospital appointment, in paying for parking I mistakenly entered two incorrect digits of my car registration number. A couple of months later I received a fixed penalty demand for not paying my parking fee. In checking my parking receipts, I wrote back, with photographic evidence, to say that I had paid in good faith but made an error and typed in the wrong digits. They responded with a further demand, and increased payment, saying that I should have entered the right numbers. I replied that, I knew I should have entered the correct numbers and had certainly intended to, it was simply a matter of human error. I received a further demand for payment and thus was war declared.

I eventually won, but was told I should ‘follow the parking terms and conditions displayed on the signage…

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