Updated 2020: “Killer Robots” Could Become Reality If UN Talks Continue To Delay, Expert Warns


And humankind built Androids called Simulants/Agonoids in it’s own image.
Agonoids were designed to be the perfect exponents of the favourite human sport: Killing!
Mechanical warriors without any of the ucky bits that prevented humans from wiping out all life on the planet, such as pity, mercy or morality. And because their bodies didn’t contain any of the squishy or crunchy bits that made humans fairly easy to kill, they were virtually indestructible.
They were programmed, of course, to obey orders. But they were also programmed to survive. And when humans started recalling the Agonoid population for decommissioning after a short but satisfying war, the survival instinct kicked in.
Strangely the Agonoids creators were surprised when their creation turned on them. It wouldn’t surprise you and me, but it surprised them. Blew them away, in fact.

Excerpt from The Red Dwarf; Backwards by Rob Grant.

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