Disabled People Paying the Price for the Pandemic-The Green Paper Review 2021


TRIGGER WARNING this is going to be a long blog. it wont help your cognitive function at all . I’m not going to pull any punches reviewing this consultation (tick box exercise ) although I cannot say I’m surprised by the content of it, make no bones about it disabled people will pay the price for the pandemic.

Many have died either because of their fragility of health or in care homes that were meant to protect them during the Covid Pandemic and many more will, due to this governments utter contempt for our well-being and safety, that’s on top of society’s disdain for those claiming social security benefits successfully orchestrated by the demonization of us by ministers of a Tory/LibDem coalition in 2010,supported by many on the Labour benches too when they voted for welfare reforms. Everyone who voted for this has blood on their hands and it wont…

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