The Weekend Essay: the inversion of the Social Contract

The Slog

In a world where a majority of people under thirty can’t even see (let alone explain) the difference between liberty and democracy, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out how the populism of fake democracy can be used to dilute liberty – ‘for the good of the majority’ – and restrictions on liberty can be introduced….to stop cyber attacks threatening our voting democracy. The Slog examines half a century of growing State expertise in the art of manipulation alongside the decline in voter discernment. The conclusion is not a happy one.

Sometimes when online – sifting through emails, blogposts, social media and random tweets – I am struck by the feeling abroad that the ability of an infinitessimal number of twisted minds to variously fool, manipulate, regiment, mislead and perhaps even kill vast swathes of humanity is somehow incomprehensible.

The truth is – and I do…

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