Dawn (Somewhere In England)

I wrote this and posted on Google Plus a while ago now, I found it by accident. So here it is.
The Somewhere btw is Hertfordshire.UK
The photo below I took sometime last yr.

Dawn (Somewhere In England)

I look out over the green fields undulating hills lined with hedges an uncomparable light as the sun rises, the cool of the night air hangs on like a memory yearning to slip away just like the veil of night. The heat rises and attacks the moisture laid by the cold dawn air and the smell of the air, grass, trees and flowers not the same anywhere on earth, out of the city this England my home this countryside for centuries has remained in silence I can almost smell the woodland as I write . A vivid memory of sunlight throughout the trees, lighting a carpet of bluebells, the blue only broken by splashes of yellow daffodils.
The English woods in the springtime I would like to take you by the hand and lead you through those woods to share the beauty of where I grew up. Not the dank grey of the city, but the open countryside and woods, the colours of the seasons, when you grow up inthe countryside you learn the seasons by changing colours of the nature around you. So let me take you by the hand and take you there…..

Mark Catlin
Sometime in 2013.


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