Actual reality is infinitely preferable to the dystopian augmented reality of the Metaverse

In Gaza

Photo by Eva K Bartlett

Nov 16, 2021,

-by Eva K Bartlett

A viral video poking fun at the Metaverse, while highlighting the natural charms of Iceland, has a serious message: Is this highly advanced augmented reality world, with its alarming potential, really the best way forward?

The country that went to war on bankers and once kicked out uninvited FBI agents has now taken on Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Metaverse’, countering humorously with ‘Icelandverse’ – “enhanced actual reality without silly looking headsets.”

A two-and-a-half minute clip by Inspired by Iceland hilariously mimics the near seven-minute clip announcing Facebook’s Meta – right down to the robotic-looking Icelandic version of Zuck (named Zack), with equally awkward facial and hand gestures.

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