Carry On Laughing

We react
How we feel
So we're told
But who knows for certain these feelings are real?

Like we read
And we see
All around
Media telling us what to believe

We carry on laughing

In the street
You can see
All the facts
Poverty, violence, hatred, and greed

But it's not
Part of you
Not as long
As you keep believing the 6 o'clock news

All the dead
All the war
On the film
Making it fiction to make you want more

While we live
In the wake
Of the end
The final decision that one man could make

We carry on blindly
We carry on fighting

So much hate
All around
Can't you see
How much blood there is soaking into the ground?

But we say
We react
How we feel
Feeling too scared to face up to the facts
We carry on laughing

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
From The Album "Worlds Apart" by the Subhumans (UK)