VIRUVAX: The very odd history of ‘ultra-safe’ Valneva

The Slog

The French Pharma vaccine specialist Valneva appears to have developed a “more traditional” biotech jab which is both better tolerated and offers a more failsafe immunity against all C19 variants than the mRNA+Graphene bioweapons tested on western populations to date. In 2021, the UK Government ordered 100 million doses of it, but then last September did an abrupt U-turn, cancelling the order on the grounds that the company had “broken its contract”. Valneva vigorously denies the charge as “without basis”.

Interestingly, the BBC reported “within days” that the vaccine would not have received approval anyway. In previous Slogposts, I have pointed out that Health Secretary Sajid Javid also switched forward purchases of Messenger drugs dramatically from Moderna to Pfizer on his arrival in office. As regards the Valneva drug, he told the House of Commons,

Javid had been in office exactly ten weeks when he offered this learned judgement. As…

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