Musk: Joker or Ace of clubs?

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For nearly fifty years, the CIA and the Bush family variously laughed at, cajoled, threatened (and probably in at least one case murdered) anyone who suggested a link between George HW Bush and the CIA before he was appointed director formally in 1976.

In 2002, young peanut-head Dubbya Bush tried to get Bush Sr’s CIA employment file before that date vapourised for good and all. It tells you a lot about The Firm that they could happily tell the nascent White House dynasty to go forth and multiply.

GH Bush joined the CIA in 1952, aged 27. Overnight the 21st and 22nd November 1963, he stayed at a Dallas hotel where, the following morning, he ‘briefed a Secret Service team’.

President Donald Trump demanded the release of that file. It remains redacted.

I hope I now have your full attention. In a dystopian Police State, all things are…

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