Sanctions kill – in Syria life has become a living hell

The Wall Will Fall

If people are thinking about complaining about the situation in their country – please be aware of what Syria is going through right now. I live in Damascus.

1. Electricity: most areas in Damascus and countryside have only had 30 minutes to one hour in last 24 hours. In the rest of Syria especially rural areas no electricity for 3 days at least.

2. Poor performance of the landline phone network and terrestrial internet due to lack of fuel to run generators during the time of power outage and even the towers powered by solar energy almost shut down because of cloudy weather.

3. Most of the large factories reduced their distribution because their vehicles have no fuel and many closed down until next week – crippling many industries and supply chains.

4. Some government institutions could not conduct electronic transactions on Wednesday and Thursday because there was no electricity…

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