Distorted Sentient–
Well I ain’t that pretty
And I’m not cool.
I can be opinionated and belligerent
but I’m nobody’s fool.
I’m smarter than I look,
I can be loving and kind.
Enough about me
Please keep an open mind.

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We must not permit the prime minister to tell lies in parliament with impunity, it’s dangerously authoritarian behaviour

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The government has been dismissive when facing challenges regarding the Windrush scandal. The prime minister has refused to intervene when it emerged that one man was being denied radiotherapy unless he could pay a £54,000 bill upfront. Downing Street also initially rejected Caribbean countries’ request for a meeting to address the problem. 

As outrage over the grotesque injustices has  grown, the home secretary made an unusuallyforthright apology in the House of Commons on Monday. Amber Rudd described her own department’s actions as “appalling”.

A new taskforce has been created and is supposed to resolve cases within two weeks. In a statement on Tuesday, the Home Office said that “in 2010, the decision was taken by the UK Border Agency to securely dispose of some documents known as registration slips.”  

This decision was made in line with the Data Protection Act 1998, under which…

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