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Mike Cushman of Jewish Voice for Labour Tries to Put Julia Hartley-Brewer Right about Anti-Semitism Smears

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Respect to Jewish Voice for Labour’s Mike Cushman for trying to rebut the anti-Semitism smears being flung against good people, both Jewish and non-Jewish in the Labour party. They’re smeared simply because they criticise Israel and its persecution of the Palestinians and as a cynical strategy to get rid of Corbyn as the Labour leader.

The two short videos below are of Cushman’s attempts to tell TalkRadio’s Julia Hartley-Brewer how things really are.

In the first, below, Cushman states that many of these cases are fabricated and points to the accusations against Pete Willsman. He states that that the accusations were based on selective quotations, and that his words were taken out of context. Cushman supports his argument by stating that he has seen the transcripts.

In the second video here, Cushman quite reasonably asks why Tory islamophobia is never in the news, despite Baroness Warsi talking about it, and…

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Anti-Corbynites are BELITTLING the Holocaust. This has to stop. NOW.

Powerful and Moving words from Tom.

Pride's Purge

Nazi soldiers would line Jewish children up along a pit – toddlers some of them – and shoot them in the head one by one. Others would be torn from their mothers’ arms and herded into cattle wagons where they would either die in transit or end up being gassed in the gas chambers of Nazi extermination camps.

Inmates recall regularly hearing cries of “mummy, mummy” as the children were murdered.

These were the ‘lucky’ ones. Older children would often be forced to work in Nazi Labour camps where they would slowly die of disease, or were slowly worked and starved to death.

Approximately 1.5 million children were murdered by the Nazis in this way.

THIS IS THE REALITY OF THE HOLOCAUST. That is the reality of real antisemitism.

This is what my own father – an unpolitical man – wrote on Facebook this year about the murder of his…

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