Where is the Antisemitism?

Harvey Goldstein


The current pitiful state of mainstream political debate within the UK is hardly news – one has to look no further than the machinations over Brexit to realise that sad fact. Yet, rivalling even that debacle, is the way in which various politicians and interested parties have sought to utilise allegations of antisemitism within the Labour Party, and the ways in which almost all of the mainstream media have involved themselves. Especially depressing is the way in which an internationally increasingly important issue has become mired in muddled thinking.

At the time of writing, (February 22, 2019) some nine Labour MPs have decided to quit Labour with claims that the leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has presided over a culture of antisemitism in the party. They are simply the latest voices among many since Spring 2018 who have claimed extensive antisemitism within Labour, even as the Jewish Chronicle has suggested, saying…

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The Death of the Welfare State-Joining the Dots Series -Part 4


By blueannoyed and Paula Peters

Finally we get to to the next stage of government bullying via the NHS. How this links in to Social Security Claimants and their ability to keep some sort of financial security while fighting off the despicable onslaught of the Government who is out of control  , whom have sociopathic  tendancies.

Today I discussed the situation of the NHS  10 year plan , The new 5 Year GP Contract , Social Prescribing,and the  needs of claimants trying to get support or access to services they need to maintain their well being, in this survival of the fittest campaign launched by their government with Dr Bob Gill,  a GP who has spoken out against the great NHS heist of Privatisation.

I asked Dr Gill How he thought the relationship between patient and claimant could be damaged with the new GP Contract which every GP will have…

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#IsItOK The Last Leg just lost its last shred of credibility?

Mr Topple

The Last Leg, the flagship Channel 4 comedy show known for its advocacy for disabled people, has just scraped the bottom of a barrel that was already pretty low.

Anna Soubry. On, again.

Anna Soubry was once again a guest on Friday 22 February. I say once again, because her last appearance resulted in uproar on Twitter. This led to host Adam Hills having to acknowledge [from 1:40] on the show that people weren’t happy. He subsequently questioned her on her voting record – to which she gave a non-answer.

Why the uproar? Quite obviously because Soubry was part of the Coalition government cabinet, and subsequent Tory-led one, that pushed through some of the most noxious welfare reforms in living memory. She voted for most if not all of them as well.

“Grave” and “systematic” human rights violations

These reforms were slammed by the UN as causing “grave” and…

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