What Cannot Show

Past things that shape me from inside
From boy to man pain magnified
From being bullied to a lover’s lies
The scars that settle deep inside
From a friends betrayal
Or my feelings brushed aside
Part of me has somehow died
Replaced with darkness I’m lost inside
The anger I feel pulsing behind my eyes
Like rising burning poison bile
Flooding over my emotions it then nullifies
Are these symptoms of my going insane?
Or just a fracture through which leaks my pain
From a battle waged within my soul
The emptiness shall not let go

Things out of the past
That shape me from inside
From childhood to man
Pain I try, in vain, to hide
My cries for help
Ignored or vilified
Every trust I extend-betrayed
Loss turns to burning rage inside
I can feel it hiding behind my eyes
Like rising, burning, poison bile
Flooding my emotions to nullify
Just more symptoms of my going insane?
Or just a fracture through which
Leaks my pain
Try to hide-it
Keep it locked-inside
The emptiness which
Invades my mind.

Mark Catlin—2012



Whoever stands at the end of time
At the final act of nature’s design
A last glimpse of beauty
Reflects in their eyes
As all fades from sea to sky
All that remains
Age old questions-why?
Last voices old questions
No time for new
At the end
The last echoes are few

Mark Catlin

April 2018


Technological Unemployment, Politics and Public Apathy

Ignorance and apathy
Is what the politicians love
And if that’s not enough
They’ve given belief in a god above
Just enough education to make sure they can work
And pointless entertainments as a little perk…….

With a technology advancing very rapidly, the workforce required is obviously reduced. With an ever expanding population this means there simply isn’t enough work to go round. Due to the fact our civilisation is structured in such a way that humans need money to be able to get food and shelter, one of only two ways to do so is to earn that money by working for it, in effect selling your skills and the hours of your life to gain (in some cases) barely enough money with which to live comfortably within this society. The other way is via a Country’s welfare safety net whereby people are given enough money to live on whilst they cannot work whether it be due to illness, disability or sheer lack of available work. At least that’s how things in any enlightened civilization should be, but with people having more access to information and questioning those “in charge” and the wealthier seeing their domain being “infiltrated” by the “The Great GU”, around 40-ish years ago things started to change, going backwards rather than continuing onwards to a fairer more inclusive society.

You see after WWII some in Govt realised that due to the extremely large amount of people wiped from the face of the earth during that vile conflict, that a state funded healthcare and welfare system was desperately needed to serve all the people in this country along with a decent educational system, so the UK could be second to none via it’s well-educated, healthy workforce. Unfortunately whilst there were those who embraced this system, there were/are those that looked upon it with disgust. All those healthy and educated people no longer living under the whim of aristocracy and extremely wealthy individuals,(well to a smaller degree for a while anyway!)Large corporations owned/run by greedy rich groups of people whose only reason for living is to hoard more wealth, could not allow this to go on for ever. So over the last 40-ish years they’ve set about dismantling it. Thatcher tried it but came up against serious opposition due to people being better educated and ignored (for the most-part) the underhanded ways politicians and their blood-brothers the so-called free press go about manipulating the population, so of course in the last 30 yrs educational standards have fallen, manipulation of TV, newspapers, entertainment have unfortunately left a large no of population with the attention span of a sound-bite and a rather unhealthy obsession with celebrity, vanity and being rich.

And there you have it with the masses attention easily diverted into whatever direction they dam well please, lazily following whatever fashion, directing their anger against whatever villain they’re told to. The stage is set for the rich few to dismantle the welfare safety net and free healthcare leaving the way open to make ever increasing amounts of money whilst having yet more control over the masses, like they used to in the early-part of the 1900’s. Those that do question and speak-out against the Govt are ridiculed, dismissed or soon if Govt have their way, arrested and shut-up!

Mark Catlin
Oct-Nov 2014

Soup Is Good Food

Soup is Good Food
We’re sorry
But you’re no longer needed
Or wanted
Or even cared about here
Machines can do a better job than you
This is what you get for asking questions
The unions agree
‘Sacrifices must be made’
Computers never go on strike
To save the working man you’ve got to put him out to pasture
Looks like we’ll have to let you go
Doesn’t it feel fulfilling to know
That you-the human being-are now obsolete
And there’s nothing in hell we’ll let you do about it

Soup is good food-
(We don’t need you any more)
You made a good meal-
(We don’t need you any more)
Now how do you feel-
(We don’t need you any more)
To be shit out our ass
And thrown in the cold like a piece of trash

We’re sorry
You’ll just have to leave
Unemployment runs out after just six weeks
How does it feel to be a budget cut?
You’re snipped
You no longer exist
Your number’s been purged from our central computer
So we can rig the facts
And sweep you under the rug
See our chart?
Unemployment’s going down
If our figures are wrong that’s your problem

Soup is good food……..

We’re sorry
We hate to interrupt
But it’s against the law to jump off this bridge
You’ll just have to kill yourself somewhere else
A tourist might see you
And we wouldn’t want that
I’m just doing my job, you know
So say uncle
And we’ll take you to the mental health zoo
Force feed you mind-melting chemicals
Till even the outside world looks great
In hi-tech science research labs
It costs too much to bury all the dead
The mutilated disease-injected
Surplus rats who can’t be used anymore
So they’re dumped (with no minister present)
In a spiraling corkscrew dispose-all unit
Ground into sludge and flushed away
Aw geez…

We don’t need you any more
We don’t need you any more
Soup is good food
You made a good meal
Now how do you feel
To be shit out our ass
And thrown in the cold like a piece of trash
We know how much you’d like to die
We joke about it on our coffee breaks
But we’re paid to force you to have a nice day
In the wonderful world we made just for you

“Poor Rats”, we human rodents chuckle
At least we get a dignified cremation
At yet
At 6:00 tomorrow morning
It’s time to get up and go to work

Lyrics: Jello Biafra
Music: Dead Kennedys

Revealing Me PtII

Revealing Me. pt.II
This enemy inside
Takes away my pride
Invades my very soul
Won’t leave me alone.
Pushes against me
Day after day you see
Digs through all my pain
Most days are the same.
Yet another day I’m free
Just the real me
Rare, they come they go
It’s the only life I know.
Write out how I feel
So you can know it’s real
The strangeness that is me
What you get is what you see.

Mark Catlin—July2014.

I’m just working on “digitizing” my work (I work longhand), so I can post-it. A lot of the work I’ve been posting I’ve written as an expression of my Manic Depression (now called Bi-polar disorder) it’s my way of saying “this is me, I’m no longer afraid of the stigma that goes hand in hand with mental health problems” So bear with me-more to follow. M

Revealing Me Pt1

Revealing Me. pt1
Underneath this flesh and bone
Hides my mind always alone.
A place where thoughts come and go,
A place where all my knowledge grows.
My mind is full of my ideas,
Memories stored and recalled at will.
A place that hides things of which I dare not speak,
A place where I can be honest, brave or meek.
Inside my mind I’m always true,
inside this place
I keep my memories of you,
A past that’s gone and stored away,
To think of on some quiet day.
Inside my mind there is only me,
Inside my mind I’m always free.

Mark Catlin 2013

New Boy

New Boy

In the lounge of class distinction
Rank and number neatly sprawled
In the luxury of income
Sat the new boy feeling cold

Sat there thinking….
“Where’s the toilet?”
Dropped his cigarettes and coughed….
Waiting for a chance to pick them up……
That’s when the lights went off

Sat there thinking it was funny
Fears subsiding with the lighting
“Turn the lights on” someone shouted
Found himself alone and smiling

Shattered by his own deception
He looked round for helpful clues
Men in suits and glaring glasses
Calmly watched him look confused

Carpet silence stifled whispers
When did something mean so much?
Just the emptiness of silence
Just the feelings, not the touch

Nervous words of introduction
To the instant silent stares
Felt as if he wasn’t wanted
And finally he wasn’t there

Then he wished that he was back
To somehow make the silence crack
Concluded, like we all have done
Some people make you feel no-one

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Subhumans (UK)
From the album;
29:29 Split Vision

The Silent Refrain

If you believe it
You cannot deceive it
It will come back to haunt you in the end

What was the answer?
I knew it once
But I pushed it out of my head
So now as time passes I hear
The same old questions, never answers
Swirl around in my head

Connection to others
Requires effort (ugh)
I need to be reminded
Time and time again
Why it’s worth it–is it?

I only remember the pain – so vividly,
The refrain like a favourite song

What do I want?
I think I know some days
That silent touch
A soft kiss
Not much to ask?
It always depends on how it might end

Yet another fracture in my head
That opens when its quietest
Laying in the dark in my bed
Into which reaches the pain
The refrain, yes that again

It’s all I can-to feel

Daydreams rarely suffice
Although sometimes nice
It’s a way to shut out the silence

If you believe it
You cannot deceive it
It (always) comes back to haunt you in the end

Moving forward
Forward is moving
Getting better?
Stop! And check your mind

Another person to talk to
Another lost soul to find
Another day of survival
We’re all the same inside-alone

Is the order of the day
Seems the empty minds
Now hold sway

Those like me
That feel the pain of being
So empty, so out of place
Watching, listening
While the countdown rushes unchecked to the end.

Mark Catlin 2011


Evil minds bend on destruction
Ignoring the pleas of their race
The final chapter in humanic abduction
All signs of society erased
People asking fewer questions
Letting politicians do their thinking
Not questioning nuclear judgment
As warheads enter our space

Our atmosphere clouded with poison
We’re killing ourselves to live
Filling the world with hate and dissension
We’ll have only our lives to give
What we do now is
The key to the future
We’ll have only ourselves to blame
For arming the world with the tools of destruction
Our ignorance means death

Warring of opposing nations
Starvation amongst
Impoverished nations
Outlook bleak for the world
Ignorance of mankind
Clouding the world with residue
Of man’s toxic industry
Slowly killing nameless victims
Whose ignorance leaves them dead

Our atmosphere clouded with poison
We’re killing ourselves to live
Filling the world with hate and dissension
We’ll have only our lives to give
What we do now is the key to the future
We’ll have only ourselves to blame
For arming the world
With the tools of destruction
Our ignorance means death

We’re crowded with anger inventions of danger
From man’s diabolical mind
Humanities dying no use in trying
It’s only a matter of time
How long will it be
Before there’s no air to breathe
And our water is polluted water
Ignorance runs rampant
No one is caring
Suicide of the human race


Lyrics:Phil Rind
Music: Sacred Reich
From the album: Ignorance