Technological Unemployment, Politics and Public Apathy

Ignorance and apathy
Is what the politicians love
And if that’s not enough
They’ve given belief in a god above
Just enough education to make sure they can work
And pointless entertainments as a little perk…….

With a technology advancing very rapidly, the workforce required is obviously reduced. With an ever expanding population this means there simply isn’t enough work to go round. Due to the fact our civilisation is structured in such a way that humans need money to be able to get food and shelter, one of only two ways to do so is to earn that money by working for it, in effect selling your skills and the hours of your life to gain (in some cases) barely enough money with which to live comfortably within this society. The other way is via a Country’s welfare safety net whereby people are given enough money to live on whilst they cannot work whether it be due to illness, disability or sheer lack of available work. At least that’s how things in any enlightened civilization should be, but with people having more access to information and questioning those “in charge” and the wealthier seeing their domain being “infiltrated” by the “The Great GU”, around 40-ish years ago things started to change, going backwards rather than continuing onwards to a fairer more inclusive society.

You see after WWII some in Govt realised that due to the extremely large amount of people wiped from the face of the earth during that vile conflict, that a state funded healthcare and welfare system was desperately needed to serve all the people in this country along with a decent educational system, so the UK could be second to none via it’s well-educated, healthy workforce. Unfortunately whilst there were those who embraced this system, there were/are those that looked upon it with disgust. All those healthy and educated people no longer living under the whim of aristocracy and extremely wealthy individuals,(well to a smaller degree for a while anyway!)Large corporations owned/run by greedy rich groups of people whose only reason for living is to hoard more wealth, could not allow this to go on for ever. So over the last 40-ish years they’ve set about dismantling it. Thatcher tried it but came up against serious opposition due to people being better educated and ignored (for the most-part) the underhanded ways politicians and their blood-brothers the so-called free press go about manipulating the population, so of course in the last 30 yrs educational standards have fallen, manipulation of TV, newspapers, entertainment have unfortunately left a large no of population with the attention span of a sound-bite and a rather unhealthy obsession with celebrity, vanity and being rich.

And there you have it with the masses attention easily diverted into whatever direction they dam well please, lazily following whatever fashion, directing their anger against whatever villain they’re told to. The stage is set for the rich few to dismantle the welfare safety net and free healthcare leaving the way open to make ever increasing amounts of money whilst having yet more control over the masses, like they used to in the early-part of the 1900’s. Those that do question and speak-out against the Govt are ridiculed, dismissed or soon if Govt have their way, arrested and shut-up!

Mark Catlin
Oct-Nov 2014

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