Exposing the figures the Government sweep under carpet to encourage the benefits scrounger myth


We are urged to hate ‘scroungers’ but the real cheats are banks and rich customers – Alison Phillips –
http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/urged-hate-scroungers-real-cheats-5141510| Mirror Online|

2 Articles: Osbornomics and what it means to live in #Toryland

Robbed by George Osborne… while the royals play decoy | Kevin McKenna | Comment is free | The Guardian

George Osborne’s Britain is no country for young men… or women | Nick Cohen | Comment is free | The Guardian

Everyone is wrong, apart from IDS –Guerilla Wire

Everyone is wrong, apart from IDS | Guerilla Wire |


It isn’t a ‘lower tax, higher wage’ economy as Osborne boasts, it’s actually a higher tax, lower wage economy

| Michael Meacher|