Face Off / Youth

[Face Off]
Lots of them
You know there’s lots of them
There’s reasons
Everyday changes my mind like the seasons
I’m asking for answers
I’m looking in mirrors
Ripples in rivers
Face just drifting away, away

Where’s the reasoning?
Yes and no are neither good enough
Gimme some of that, gimme some of that, gimme some of that, spontaneity stuff
Blink before you think too hard
Saw your smile in a passing car

Borrowed your pen
I wanna write like you do again and again and again and again
Riots in the uniform of peace
Couple’a big ones up your sleeve

Ten to nine and it’s shut down the factory
Pull up the floorboards and build a bonfire
Having a party in your head
Sniff this greezer! And go to bed!

Turned off the light
Stayed up all night
Blown to bits!
Shrivelled up opened out and exploded
Where he usually sits

Go to it youth
Discover the truth
Don’t bottle it up
Cos it’s 99% proof

No no it’s not how old you are
Not the blushing brides and the propped up bar
After the bells have rung
And the next perspective has begun

Not the corner of some foreign field
Not the name engraved on stainless steel
Not the thank you note for inventing the wheel
But an innocence dressed in knowing too much
Never scared to theorise but half scared to touch
But rejecting the world that made it such

Oh to be as youthful as I am
Oh to be as manic as you are
Oh to be as worried in our happiness
But never will we be so near
Yet look so far
Be so near
Yet look so far
Yet look so far

Beyond the social attitudes
That narrow the path and distort the view
Complacency defies energy
And the other way round

We grow as fast as time is slow
We grow as fast as time is slow
We grow as fast as time is slow
Enough to keep our head to the ground
For youthfulness is a louder sound
Than age – that turning of the page – can make
A forced resemblance of getting old
Left the majority feeling cold
Forgot that energy never gets old
We grow with what we’ll always know
And feel the sense of experience
Experience – Youth, youth
Experience – Youth, youth
Experience – Youth

Lyrics; Dick Lucas
Music; Citizen Fish
From the album; Free Souls In A Trapped Environment

Experiment Earth

A zillion miles into outer space 
Is a very, very, very big
Telescopic lens 
Someone labelled ‘alien’
Is looking at this place 
Checking out experimental
Women and men 

Several million years ago 
They planted human beings
On a planet called earth
Sent a few biologists
To make sure we would grow 
Who ended up in Spielberg films, Crucified, or worse 

Lots and lots of time went past 
Until what we know as ‘recently’
Was when it all went wrong 
Technology ran the human race 
The humans finished last 
They were spending less on medicine
More and more on bombs 

The layers in the atmosphere
Were open wide 
And no-one in outer space
Liked what they saw inside 
Animals in slavery where forests used to be
Some people with nothing
Others with more than they need

What to do with the toxic waste? 
The ocean floor is filling up
And those drums will rust away
“We could try dumping all this rubbish in outer space” 
But the aliens were listening to everything we say…. 

A zillion miles into outer space
Is a very very very big
Telescopic lens
And when an alien experiment
Starts messing up the place 
It is left to self-destruction, clear the mess and start again 
Clear the mess! Start again! 
Experiment earth 
Experiment earth 
Clear the mess! Start again!

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Citizen Fish
From The Album; Free Souls In A Trapped Environment

Break Into A Run

Break Into A Run

Why life appears to be a series of ups and downs?
I’ll never know 
And I’ve a feeling that if I find out
Then everything will turn to stone 
The lifeless boring routine block
Of all things neither good nor bad 
To break that rock and destabilise is risky
But I’ll take that chance 
I’ll take that chance

I’ll take it 
Just to know that every up and down
Must balance out somehow 
And there’s a smile
To end a conversation
That was full of frowns 
And here’s a major chord to lift
The minors up
And dance around 
And if the song
Seems far too long
Then tune in to another sound 
Another sound
Like this one…… 

Of course the opposite is true
The rain must sometimes
Hide the sun 
And you can’t escape the feeling
That there’s more to life than having fun 
But it’s better to go crazy
And just break into a run 
Than to grow old
Always being told how everything
Should be done 

So take the path of most resistance
And feel good when you arrive 
The other one is straight downhill
And never asks you ‘why?’ 
Experience the reap and sow
Feel the strengths of high and low 
Who can dictate how far to go?
There are no limits set.
But let’s go! 
Oh let’s go!
Let’s go! 


Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Citizen Fish
“Break Into A Run” from the album
“Free Souls In A Trapped Environment”