#TTIP Cameron desperate to stop scandal as secret plans to sell the NHS are discovered | The Canary

Cameron desperate to stop scandal as secret plans to sell the NHS are discovered

#TTIP #TPP The secretive trade agreements that could scupper #climatechange ​action​


Welcome to Austeria – a nation robbing its poor to pay for the next big crash | Aditya Chakrabortty


Humanity’s Dark Age

The Earth is going through a dark age at the moment. Material possessions count more than a persons soul. Like children, humans are preoccupied with technological toys, which they believe will bring them riches and happinness. This shows the superficiality of human culture and a careless disregard for nature. In their greedy quest for more complex machines, humans are prepared to sacrifice almost anything – the natural environment, animals even other humans. The dreadful spectre of blowing up the world hardly makes humans falter in this headlong rush.


David Cameron hasn’t the faintest idea how deep his cuts go. This letter proves it | George Monbiot


This is the Tory supporting Telegraph’s version;

David Cameron complains to his local council about cuts to services – Telegraph

The gathering financial storm is just one effect of corporate power unbound | George Monbiot