They take away your name
It’s the dead man game
And we all like living this modern life
Television, radio, disco fights
Get a steady job – you were born to work
Well I can’t be bothered, I’m too much of a jerk

As you’re living on the dole
Or a working class hero
Because you’ve got a job

We all like working for an upper class runt
If you’re feeling downtrodden you can join the Front
National heritage to keep you in line
Abuse your intelligence, mess up your mind

Personality fix
Conformed to the eyeballs
With state politics (stale politics)

And they tell you you’re brilliant to keep you quiet
‘Only the idiots know how to riot’
Make sure it’s not safe to walk the streets
You wanna stay alive you’d better join the police

We ain’t got a name
But we still got emotions
Now the city’s in flames

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Subhumans (UK)
From the album: 29/29 Split Vision