Isn’t It Obvious?

Where are we going?
This race of mine
Towards destruction?
Or will we change in time?
From increasing greed and selfishness
To caring to share
Or down the dark path
Of for only myself do I care

The emptiness of money
The addiction of greed
Stepping hard on those in need
The survival of the fittest
Cry those with it all
While ignorance is king
Of the rest one and all

Divided, conquered
With seeming ease
Using the misplaced loyalty
Of those who want inside
The gated-community
Where the wealthiest hide
From those who have little
And from who they plan to take more
And kill a few off with a strategic placed war

So while they have us all fighting
Ourselves and not them
This status quo will continue
On to an ignominious end
Of a tired human race
With no future indeed
Destroyed by these things
Vanity, selfishness and greed!!

Mark Catlin
October 2015