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Obese people and drug users who refuse treatment could have benefits cut

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So annoyed by this, up and down the country good NHS community Drug and Alcohol teams are being replaced by private concerns, then the “treatment” is governed by funds. Long-term addicts are being put under pressure to “come off” unwritten time limits imposed and fully trained staff at a minimum whilst using “peer mentors” and/or volunteers.I have no doubt this is causing a higher incidence of relapse, even worse, overdoses also many addicts who remain stable on methadone maintenance can live reasonably productive lives, to then impose time limits is unfair and imho harmful.

Please note; the comments above I have a number of friends/acquaitances around the country who are receiving mental health and drug treatment and some have been very vocal about changes for the worse in different areas. If anyone else has info of a similar sort I would be interested to hear it as I’m thinking of compiling what I’ve learned and putting it in a blog.(no names or locations)