A Solution To War? Humanity And The Tendency To Disagree

The thing about human beings was this: human beings couldn’t agree. They couldn’t agree about anything. Right from the moment their ancestors first slimed out of the oceans, and one group of sludge thought it better to live in trees while the other thought it blatantly obvious that the ground was the place to live. And they’d disagreed about pretty much everything else ever since.
They disagreed about politics, religion, philosophy-every-thing.
And the reason was this: basically, all human beings believed all other human beings were insane, in varying degrees.
Small wonder, then that homo sapiens spent most of their short time on Earth waging war against each other.
For their first few thousand years on the planet they did little else, and they discovered two things that were very curious: the first was that when they were at war, they agreed more. Whole nations agreed that other nations were insane, and they agreed that the mutually beneficial solution was to band together to eliminate the loonies. The only time human beings lived happily side by side was when they were trying to kill each other.

Then in the middle of the twentieth century the human race hit a major problem.
It got so good at war it couldn’t have one anymore.
It had spent so much time practising and perfecting the art of genocide, developing more and more lethal devices for mass destruction, that conducting a war without totally obliterating the planet and everything on it became an impossibility.
This didn’t make human beings happy at all. They talked about how maybe it was still possible to have a small, contained war. A little war. If you like, a warette.
They spoke of conventional wars, limited wars, and this insane option might even have worked, if only people could have agreed on a new set of rules. But, people being people, they couldn’t.
War was out. War was a no-no.
And, like a small child suddenly deprived of it’s favorite toy, the human race mourned and sulked and twiddled it’s collective thumbs, wondering what to do next. Then in the twenty-first century a solution was found.
The solution was sport…….

Except from; Red Dwarf – Better than Life. By Grant Naylor.

Humanity’s Dark Age

The Earth is going through a dark age at the moment. Material possessions count more than a persons soul. Like children, humans are preoccupied with technological toys, which they believe will bring them riches and happinness. This shows the superficiality of human culture and a careless disregard for nature. In their greedy quest for more complex machines, humans are prepared to sacrifice almost anything – the natural environment, animals even other humans. The dreadful spectre of blowing up the world hardly makes humans falter in this headlong rush.


Isn’t It Obvious?

Where are we going?
This race of mine
Towards destruction?
Or will we change in time?
From increasing greed and selfishness
To caring to share
Or down the dark path
Of for only myself do I care

The emptiness of money
The addiction of greed
Stepping hard on those in need
The survival of the fittest
Cry those with it all
While ignorance is king
Of the rest one and all

Divided, conquered
With seeming ease
Using the misplaced loyalty
Of those who want inside
The gated-community
Where the wealthiest hide
From those who have little
And from who they plan to take more
And kill a few off with a strategic placed war

So while they have us all fighting
Ourselves and not them
This status quo will continue
On to an ignominious end
Of a tired human race
With no future indeed
Destroyed by these things
Vanity, selfishness and greed!!

Mark Catlin
October 2015

Where Do Ya Draw The Line?

Seems like the more
I think I know
The more I find I don’t
Every answer opens up so many questions
Anarchy sounds good to me
Then someone asks,’Who’d fix the sewers?’
‘Would the rednecks just play king
Of the neighborhood?’

How many liberators
Really want to be dictators
Every theory has its holes
When real life steps in
So how do we feed
And make room for
All the people crowded on our earth
And transfer all that wealth
From the rich to those who need it

Where do ya draw the line?
Where do ya draw the line?
Where do ya draw the line?
I’m not telling you I’m asking you

Ever notice hard line radicals
Can go on star trips too
Where no one’s pure and right
Except themselves
‘I’m cleansed of the system’
(‘Cept when my amp needs electric power)’
Or-The Party Line says no!
Feminists can’t wear fishnets.
‘You wanna help stop war?
Well, we reject your application
You crack too many jokes
And you eat meat

What better way to turn people off
Than to twist ideas for change
Into one more church
That forgets we’re all human beings


In Toronto someone blew up
A cruise missile warhead plant
10 slightly hurt, 4 million dollars damage
Why not destroy private property
When it’s used against you and me
Is that violence?
Or self-defense?
You tell me!

Where do ya Draw the Line?
I’m not telling you
I’m asking you

Lyrics :Jello Biafra
Music :Dead Kennedys