Bands/Musicians That I like and have influenced my writing/music over the years

That I like, their music and lyrics have influenced my own writing and music since I was a teenager. In no particular order other than as I remembered them as I was writing the list, some you may know and like, others you may have heard of but never listened to and some will be new to you. If you’re that way inclined search for the one’s you don’t know and have a listen. I realise it’s an eclectic mix, but that’s music, it’s very subjective. Hope you find something you’ve never heard but grow to love it as I do. I’ll probably keep adding to this list when I notice I’ve forgotten some. Mark.

Killing Joke
The Subhumans (UK)
Naked Raygun
The Dead Kennedys (With Jello, not since)
That Petrol Emotion
The Blood
The Cateran
Front-line Assembly
Alice Donut
Head Of David
Bullet Lavolta
The Guantanamo School Of Medicine
UK Subs
The Jelvins
Concrete Blonde
Gaye Bykers On Acyd
Fields Of The Nephilim
Rudimentary Peni
Flux Of Pink Indians
Machine Head
Thatcher On Acid
The Ruts
The Stranglers
Culture Shock
Citizen Fish
Butthole Surfers
System Of A Down
Big Black
Fear Factory
Peter And The Test-Tube Babies
One-Way System
Sacred Reich
Murder Inc
The Partisans
The Levellers
The Fits
Linkin Park
The Saints (Australia)
Slum Turkeys
Carnival Art
Pop Will Eat Itself
The Exploited
Psychedelic Furs
The Screaming Blue Messiahs
Chaos UK

Encouraging Apathy?

Lyrics for Billboard No1 singles have average reading age of 8yrs old. (Well they don’t want to encourage people to think now do they?)

Encouraging Apathy?
I often wonder if younger people might be a little bit more engaged with politics if they were exposed to politics a little bit more through the people they look-up to and are obviously influenced by, such as musicians, songwriters, comedians, entertainment in general. I think this because from my early teens onwards, the musicians/music/artists/poets/writers I listened to and read were very political, lyrically etc. There were shows like Spitting Image and comedians/entertainers like Ben Elton, although you could describe those two as somewhat mainstream I’m giving them as an example only.Many of my influences could be described as “anti-establishment” the bands and groups printing their own protest pamphlets detailing the different injustices of the time and what groups/organisations were doing to stand up against the wrongs throughout the world, we may not have had social media but we came together through creativity, art, music, poetry etc, it certainly made me and many others more aware of the world around me, offering different points of view, some I agreed with some I despised, but there was more on offer than a bland manufactured consensus and it was a catalyst that enabled me to question, then look for my own answers and come up with a hopefully informed opinion. Something which I feel seems sadly lacking in those that are influencing younger people these days.