The Beautiful Dead

You are an inspiration to me
You are my inspiration
Of how not to be
You are my inspiration
To achieve a better way of life

The crowd was one
(oblivion ran deep) 
A consciousness
Of cannon-fodder
Walking in its sleep 
Vacant expressions
(and don’t look ahead) 
Everybody dance
With the beautiful dead I said!

All queue up and grovel for a hit 
Someone pulls the reins
Then you chew at the bit 
Encouraged by commercials
To spend beyond my means
I laughed as it all
Fell apart at the seams 
(Hey! Take a look at tomorrow) 
But will I inherit the good green earth? 

Such a lovely world 

All mod-cons
There was dust on the drums 
My electronic beat-box
Got the job done
Everybody emulate
The pulse of the soul 
And change your clothes
(to make you feel whole)
Effort and sweat
Was a thing of the past
(they said!)
Welcome to the world
Of the beautiful dead

Lyrics; Jaz Coleman
Music; Killing Joke