Fade Away

We live we die
And in between
We sit and wonder why
Why must we someday die?

Tried and tested
We live our lives
Like our dear parents did
Tied down and restricted

Of gods and guns
Do we need to die?
For Christ’s sake or for anyone?
They call it religion
And so we pray
For god to save us
From our evil ways
They call it self-decay

We live we die
In fear of gods and guns
And never knowing why
Why must we someday die?

So live your life
In fear of no one
We must have our say
Before we fade away

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Subhumans (UK)
From the album; Worlds Apart

A Growing Boy Needs His Lunch

In lonely gas stations with mini-marts
You’ll find rows of them for sale
Liquor-filled statues of Elvis Presley
Screw his head-off and…
Drink like a vampire
His disciples flock to such a fitting shrine
Sprawled across from his
graceless mansion
A shopping mall
Filled with prayer rugs and Elvis dolls
And I wonder
Yeah I wonder
Will Elvis take the place of Jesus
In a thousand years
Religious wars
Barbaric laws
Bloodshed worldwide
Over what’s left of his myth

A growing boy needs his lunch

When pesticides get banned we’re safe up north
We just sell them to those other countries
Soon there’s lots of exotic deformed babies
Somehow that’s not our fault
Just dip ’em in glaze paint ’em orange and green
For the Arizona roadside stands
To sell alongside plaster burros and birthbaths
And I wonder
Yeah I wonder
Why so many insects around us feed off the dead

Death squads
Foreign aid?
Just leave it to the magic of the marketplace

A growing boy needs his lunch

Everyone should just love each other
Dip your toe into the fire
Drop your guns and lawsuits and love each other
Life begins beyond the bunker
And while you’re busy hugging in the streets
Outgrowing your hatred
For all to feel
Jiminy Cricket’s found a game to play
Stick your neck out on trust-
It’ll be chopped away
Jimmy through your locked front doors
Rifle through your sacred drawers
Line my pockets
Deface your dreams
‘Til the cows come home to me
Nibbling like an earwig
Winding through your brain
Bound like Lawrence Harvey Spreadeagled to a bed
The migraine gets worse
When you find out we lay eggs
And no one in all of Borneo
Can hear you scream
Turn on
Tune in
Cop out
Drop kick
Turn in
Tune out

Lyrics: Jello Biafra
Music: Dead Kennedys
From the album; Frankenchrist

I Am The Virus

Death, misery and tears
Calculated waves of fear
Drawn-up by think-tanks
There’s a darkness in the west
Oil swilling
Guzzling corporates
Central banking
Mind-fucking omnipotence

I am the fury
The spirit of outrage
I am the fire
I am the virus
I am the virus
I am the furnace
Where resentment glows
I am the bias
I am the virus
I am the virus

False flags and black-ops
Tavistock manufactured shocks
Something’s gone horribly wrong
Hot flushes for the neo-con

I am the fury
The spirit of outrage
I am the fire
I am the virus
I am the virus
I am the furnace
Where resentment glows
I am the bias
I am the virus
I am the virus

I am the hydra-headed beast
I am the one you can’t delete
I am the danger that never sleeps
I am the virus
I am the virus

No-one believes 9/11
Steel framed buildings
Don’t fall in seconds
Murderers in black robes
Decapitate innocents
The public’s blank stare
Did you sleep ok….
Last night Mr Blair?

I am the fury
The spirit of outrage
I am the fire
I am the virus
I am the virus
I am the furnace
Where resentment glows
I am the bias
I am the virus
I am the virus
I am the hydra-headed beast
I am the one you can’t delete
I am the danger that never sleeps
I am the virus
I am the virus

Lyrics and Music: Killing Joke
From the album; Pylon

Experiment Earth

A zillion miles into outer space 
Is a very, very, very big
Telescopic lens 
Someone labelled ‘alien’
Is looking at this place 
Checking out experimental
Women and men 

Several million years ago 
They planted human beings
On a planet called earth
Sent a few biologists
To make sure we would grow 
Who ended up in Spielberg films, Crucified, or worse 

Lots and lots of time went past 
Until what we know as ‘recently’
Was when it all went wrong 
Technology ran the human race 
The humans finished last 
They were spending less on medicine
More and more on bombs 

The layers in the atmosphere
Were open wide 
And no-one in outer space
Liked what they saw inside 
Animals in slavery where forests used to be
Some people with nothing
Others with more than they need

What to do with the toxic waste? 
The ocean floor is filling up
And those drums will rust away
“We could try dumping all this rubbish in outer space” 
But the aliens were listening to everything we say…. 

A zillion miles into outer space
Is a very very very big
Telescopic lens
And when an alien experiment
Starts messing up the place 
It is left to self-destruction, clear the mess and start again 
Clear the mess! Start again! 
Experiment earth 
Experiment earth 
Clear the mess! Start again!

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Citizen Fish
From The Album; Free Souls In A Trapped Environment

British Disease

Hatred in the hearts
Of the young population
Riots in the streets
Of the “civilised” nation
Was it the poverty?
Was it the police?

No – it’s the British disease
The inbred snobbery
The patriot law
Violence and robbery
The state declares war

The youth of today with a broken voice
Have got something to say – they ain’t got a choice
Racist police – backed by the state
Wipe out the ghetto
And build up the hate
All the wrong answers
All the wrong ideas
The riot lasts a day
But the problem lasts for years

The great British public they can’t understand
Why should there be riots in this civilised land?
Why is the country being pulled to its knees?

Ignorance is the British disease
Ignorance is the British disease
Ignorance is the British disease
Ignorance is your disease
Ignorance and apathy
Ignorance and bigotry

You found it all so easy to ignore
The people who complained
And let their anger rise in flames
You thought this country
Was so great
That nobody could ever hate
The way the system treated them
And then you wondered
Why they burnt your buildings down

Lyrics; Dick Lucas
Music; Subhumans
From the album; Worlds Apart

The Spoils Of Victory

Look to the north, look to the east, look to the west and south

On all horizons storm clouds loom and roll across the sky
The river bursts its banks and vomits soil into the mouth
As thunder breaks the silence, a young child cries!

Between the night
And the days first light
The leaders made a pact
To raise the rotting corpse of war
And set the wheels in motion
The stage a heaving battlefield
Would support the final act
While the authors hide in satellites
Or forts beneath the ocean

And in this play
We’re cast as fools
To blindly play
By others’ rules

Now the dust has settled
And the stench completely clear
Then return the victors
To claim their wretched crown
But from the fleshheaps of the slain
There comes no cheer
Their game is over
The chips are down

You arrived like a breath
From the angel of death
Famine, disease and a life on your knees
When you put them in power

Lyrics And Music; Amebix
From The Album: Arise

The Serenade Is Dead

She wakes up in the morning;
The sun is shining in her face
She turns her head around;
She shares the blanket
On which the love embraced
She looks out of the window;
It’s a lovely day outside
She tells herself
That things are fine
He pulls the sheets
To cover his eyes
The essence of the fresh air
That garden held the love affair
Thinking back their minds
Are torn in muddle and confusion

So far away another sits
Who tries to make
The best of it
He don’t know
Quite what’s hit him
It’s another love illusion
He gazes in his empty room
Eyes fixed upon her picture
The loneliness, dejectedness
God how the fuck
He’s missed her
His eyes turn turn
to the window
The military roar by
He wonders how much hatred could evolve out of the sky
What God had done
For peace on earth
What man destroyed
From day of birth
They are concerned with feelings
They’re just ashamed to cry
And one mans plan
To push the button
Means anothers sacrifice
The serenade is dead
And now the only question’s why?

Why when we are young
We’re told it’s right to love
Told it’s human nature
And that comes from God above
As time moves on we realise
That we all look from the pit
While a plan hangs above us
To keep us in the shit.

Because the minute we are born
We’re told what’s right and wrong
Raised with certain morals
Never mentioned in their songs
As we grow up
We find out that
The paths been neatly set
In a world of such destruction
We only can regret
Regret that is the word of it
As we look
For our way out of it
Why can’t they understand
We don’t want any part of it?
The pain they create everyday
That just ain’t gonna go away
We’ve got to stick together
But still you’re asking why?

The system stands strong
As our movement
Starts to crumble
The pressure we once held
Has just turned into a rumble
They’ve got us
Where they want us
And you all just accept that
Well don’t you think its time;
We started to hit back
They are the enemy;
They want a rope
Around your neck
And if they will go that far,
Then what the fuck is next?

Forget the revolution
We’ve heard it all before
Heard all of the promises
Of nineteen-eighty-four
Its an impossible task, “oh yes”
It stands before us all
Well maybe you’ll believe it
When your back’s against the Wall.

Lyrics; Conflict.
The Ungovernable Force

Iain Duncan Smith’s gradual criminalisation of poverty

| Left Foot Forward|

Review Of Benefit Sanctions Urged Amid Concern Over Regime’s Effectiveness | Welfare Weekly

Black And White

Silence – is no reaction
“Violence” – that one-word caption
Can you say it with just one word?
Unspoken – the sins that go unheard

Government… bullshit
Black and white… fight

Look though this broken window
From normality into the ghetto
Broken through madness, hate, and boredom
U.K. – a disunited kingdom

Government… bullshit
Black and white… fight

Enquiries, but no solutions
Faceless, empty illusions
Reasons are always pushed aside
Remember the day the country died
Remember the day the country died

Lyrics; Dick Lucas
Music; Subhumans (UK)
From the album; The Day The Country Died.