At The Edge

Back when I was younger
They were talking at me
Never listened to a word I said
Always yap yap yapping
And complaining at me
Made me think
I’d be better off dead
I don’t want to talk about it
I don’t want to hear no lip
Take your share
Don’t shout about it
That’s your lot
Remember you’re a kid

They would always teach me
That to swear was a sin
Always speak your mind
But not aloud
Think of something
That you want to do with your life
Nothing that you like
That’s not allowed
I’ve no time to talk about it
All your stupid
Hopes and dreams
Get your feet back
On the ground son
It’s exams that count
Not music scenes

And I’m running
At the edge of their world
They’re criticising something
They just can’t understand
Living on the edge of their town
And I won’t be shot down

Taught me to defend myself
And to be a man
How to kick someone
And run away
Gave me everything
That any young man could need
But don’t understand
Why I won’t stay
Here’s your room
And here’s your records
Here’s your home
And here you’ll stay
Here’s somewhere
I don’t believe in
Wish someone
Would take it all away

[Chorus – repeat]

Lyrics: Ogilvy
Music: Stiff Little Fingers