Fade Away

We live we die
And in between
We sit and wonder why
Why must we someday die?

Tried and tested
We live our lives
Like our dear parents did
Tied down and restricted

Of gods and guns
Do we need to die?
For Christ’s sake or for anyone?
They call it religion
And so we pray
For god to save us
From our evil ways
They call it self-decay

We live we die
In fear of gods and guns
And never knowing why
Why must we someday die?

So live your life
In fear of no one
We must have our say
Before we fade away

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Subhumans (UK)
From the album; Worlds Apart

Isn’t It Obvious?

Where are we going?
This race of mine
Towards destruction?
Or will we change in time?
From increasing greed and selfishness
To caring to share
Or down the dark path
Of for only myself do I care

The emptiness of money
The addiction of greed
Stepping hard on those in need
The survival of the fittest
Cry those with it all
While ignorance is king
Of the rest one and all

Divided, conquered
With seeming ease
Using the misplaced loyalty
Of those who want inside
The gated-community
Where the wealthiest hide
From those who have little
And from who they plan to take more
And kill a few off with a strategic placed war

So while they have us all fighting
Ourselves and not them
This status quo will continue
On to an ignominious end
Of a tired human race
With no future indeed
Destroyed by these things
Vanity, selfishness and greed!!

Mark Catlin
October 2015

What Cannot Show

Past things that shape me from inside
From boy to man pain magnified
From being bullied to a lover’s lies
The scars that settle deep inside
From a friends betrayal
Or my feelings brushed aside
Part of me has somehow died
Replaced with darkness I’m lost inside
The anger I feel pulsing behind my eyes
Like rising burning poison bile
Flooding over my emotions it then nullifies
Are these symptoms of my going insane?
Or just a fracture through which leaks my pain
From a battle waged within my soul
The emptiness shall not let go

Things out of the past
That shape me from inside
From childhood to man
Pain I try, in vain, to hide
My cries for help
Ignored or vilified
Every trust I extend-betrayed
Loss turns to burning rage inside
I can feel it hiding behind my eyes
Like rising, burning, poison bile
Flooding my emotions to nullify
Just more symptoms of my going insane?
Or just a fracture through which
Leaks my pain
Try to hide-it
Keep it locked-inside
The emptiness which
Invades my mind.

Mark Catlin—2012


A Touch Out Of It

When they leave office
The damage done
Out to a private consulting firm
Or to lie in the sun
They’re congratulated by colleagues
On a job well done
In maintaining the status
The quo, yes indeed
Propping up the establishment
Of incompetence and greed.
Whilst the people they’ve governed
Are in ever greater need
Heading to foodbanks so their children can feed
Led there by out of touch politicians
Who only really care
About power and money all corruption and greed
Fulfilling their ambition taking from others in need.

Mark Catlin July 2015



1) Behaviour Principle

They believe “it”
I can’t stand to see it
The acquiescent apathy of fools
That rush to judgment
Of anything different
Those uncompromising
Followers of rules..

2) Lucidity Analysis

For everything a season
All humans have their reasons
To hate, to love, to fight and more
When reason walks….
In or out the door

Mark Catlin July 2015

Word To The Wise

Up down inside out
Pushing pulling drowning out
Open closing
Walk in cold
Empty minded
Growing Old
Demonstrating remonstrating
Open mouthed
Fornication copulation
Pleasure intense
Dreamscapes and frenzy
Power and class
Downward spiralling no one asks
Onwards sideways what’s to see
Breakdown lockdown
Differences will always be
Ugly pretty vanity
Vain conceited me me me
Action reaction opposites attract
Worrying vying slow to act
Truth in confessions truth not lies
Majestic graceful
Beauty in crying eyes
Thoughtful generous I wish to be
Question the answer no apathy please
Haves versus have nots
And the eager to please
Go down fighting
Don’t live cowering on knees

Mark Catlin July 2015

Before Your Very Eyes……

The greedy rich decree
“We must have more”

So from those who have little, they’ll take a lot more

It’s taken from people like you and me..
just as the Greedy decree

What help can the masses expect then
In any fight against those that look down from their Towers
The laws they could turn to aren’t there any more
The rich changed them to suit their ideals
Help from your neighbours?
After all we are one and the same

The government has covered that nicely
Using a complicit news Media that screams
“Lazy scroungers they’re taking your taxes”
“Look how they get more than you”
Now we know that you really hate working
This workshy scum think they don’t have to…
So we’ll help you to vilify or ignore them
So we Rich can do what we do
And the stupid and selfish they fall for it
And vote for the hatred, selfishness and more….
Cuts to already stretched services that feed, fix and care for us all.
So big business can have a tax cut and the wealthiest can inherit yet more

While the poor will be lucky to keep a roof over their heads when the welfare bill becomes law

Now the facts make us recoil in horror that they’re killing ever more and more
But it never gets reported by the media
And most people choose to blindly ignore

So while the poorest are made to struggle

Only the few stand-up to fight back

While the masses repeat their learned mantra

Pull the ladder up…..
We’re alright Jack!!

Mark 2015