The biggest lie is that pensioners are protected

A comment from Chris, which I am sharing>>>…

The biggest lie is that pensioners are protected.
The flat rate pension will cut most of the new pensioners’ state pension.Lowest forecast seen so far is £8.39 per week after 45 years in work.

PLEASE SHARE MY PETITION ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA – Facebook and Twitter, as I cannot with my old computer, that cannot update its operating system nor its browsers.Pension Credit (savings) is abolished for new pensioners next year.Pension Credit guarantee credit will become more complex complicated, even eventually tot he over 75s.Universal Credit’s national roll out will hit current pensioners, as Pension Credit is denied if either of a couple are below the raised retirement age.Women’s retirement age has risen to 66.Only slightly younger than those have raised to 67, and 68.The rasied retirement age means men and women in their 60s are hit by Bedroom Tax, and will be hit by reduction in housing benefit which will make social housing doomed.We will know more at the state opening of parliament where there is an anti austerity protest. Hope you can join it. – home page.So pensioners are not protected. Not by any means.