Fit-for-work tests linked to relapses in those with mental health problems

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The Cost of PIP – Decision Makers – A Law unto themselves

I wish you luck with that Jayne. The nightmare continues. I’ve been on the receiving-end of the DWP incompetence, ignorance, lawlessness myself so know to some degree how angry/frustrated/helpless it can make others feel. I myself have just completed another WCA which I have no doubt will again not “score” enough points and will have to go through the MR before I can properly appeal.The fact my mental health has degraded over last 2yrs due to the stress of dealing with benefits system seems lost on all but a few. M x


In November last year I reported I’d received my PIP award and disagreeing with it I’d contacted the DWP;  due to the closeness to Christmas, the Call Centre staff member had put in my request for the assessment report and noted  it was “my intention to ask for a Mandatory Consideration” (MR), this was so as I would not run out of time if post was caught up in the Mail.  I duly waited for my copy of the assessment report, which arrived on December 23rd and  submitted my formal request for a MR along with the evidence on January 10th.  Five days later I received a letter dated January 11th, it had clearly crossed with my own submission in the post, it informed me the DMs had already carried out a MR and had, of course, upheld the original decision!

I duly phoned, well actually my daughter phoned for me as…

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