Walls Of Silence

Sick of all these dumb solutions
Why not tell me something new?
I’ve been hearing so much bullshit
It’s impossible to tell the truth
How can they preach all their morals
When they’re worse than we’ll ever be?
We’re a useless threat to their walls of silence
But there’s no solution to convince me

You can scream-shout-fight the system
But it won’t fight back…Safe behind their walls of silence

The system stinks and we all know it
But the mass protesters get nowhere
A wall of arms against a wall of silence
They just pretend that we’re not there
And there’s nothing we can do about it
Fighting each other all day long
Divide ourselves by petty ritual
Then we wonder what went wrong.

Lyrics: Dick Lucas
Music: Subhumans
From the album; Worlds Apart.

The Games Begin

The Games Begin
To get your vote they will tell lies,
While looking right into your eyes
They’ll give you more, take back less
All their lies lauded by the press

Open your eyes- why can’t you see?
These things that are so plain to me
People are hungry
People are scared
People are dying in this messed-up world

Statistics juggled, made to look fair
Espoused with the usual arrogant air
“Help you” they say that is our vow
It’s all a lie–please Wake Up Now!!

Mark Catlin 2014